“Good Morning, Ma’am. We’re here looking for your son.”

Tamecia “Tam” Jackson was at home, happily preparing to conduct a Bible study, when two police officers came knocking on her door.
One of the officers handed her a picture of a suspect who had committed two felony burglaries.  She knew her son.  The man in the picture was not him.  She quickly handed the picture back to the officer.
“I don’t  know who this is, but it’s not my boy.”  She vehemently exclaimed the lack of resemblance and her son’s innocence.
But six months later, her child, her baby, Steven McDowell, a U.S Army Veteran, was arrested.  He faced twenty years in prison for crimes he did not commit.
Tam made a promise to her boys long ago that if they ever found themselves in a position where they were being falsely accused, she would go to bat for them until she breathed her last breath. With this promise in mind, armed with her faith in God, Tam set out on a journey to exonerate her son.

She has written this book to share her testimony and encourage women who too may find themselves in cumbersome, life altering situations; fighting for family, fighting for faith.

PFC Steven A. McDowell was falsely accused in June of 2016 on two felony burglary charges in the city of Huntsville, Alabama.  In January 2017 he was arrested and could have potentially spent 20+ years in prison.  On January 30th, clear cut evidence had been presented to the Police and D.A. in this case to show that Steven was NOT the suspect in surveillance videos of the crime scenes.  They chose to move ahead with an indictment, despite this evidence.  That’s when I (Mom) kicked into gear and reached out to the media and only WHNT News 19 answered my plea for help.  It was my mission that not only would my son be exonerated from these false charges, but also that he would not even stand trial.  God is faithful and heard my cry! 

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2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. My, my, my. Your review gave me goose bumps. I only wish this was fiction. I am so sorry your family went through this. But, I am praising God and thanking you for sharing this real and present day miraculous testimony. Our prayers are with you.


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